Conférence TOCICO, Marris Consulting à Chicago, du 14 au 17 Juillet 2019

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Présentation en anglais : Project Management the ToC way



  • Congrès Annuel TOCICO du 14 au 17 juillet 2019, Chicago, USA.

  • Présentation par Philip Marris

  • Le management de projet selon la Théorie des Contraintes, le 16 juillet 2019.

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La présentation de Philip Marris

The combination of Critical Chain Project Management and the Theory of Constraints' 5 Focusing Steps enable extraordinary results to be obtained in an unbelievably short time. Capacity constraints in project portfolios can be identified immediately (Step 1) and exploited (Step 2) so as to instantaneously produce 2 or 3 times more (productivity & Throughput multiplied by >2).

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) can simultaneously put all projects under control, provide excellent visibility, reduce project durations by over 40% ... and finish nearly all projects on time. Several recent case studies will be used to provide practical examples. If you think all projects are doomed to be painful semi-faulres, think again. If you are looking to boost your growth you need to boost your project performance, this conference will explain how easy this could be.

Conférence TOCICO Chicago 2019

Philip Marris

Philip Marris, est le fondateur et directeur de Marris Consulting. A conçu et exécuté plus de 200 projets de transformation basés sur l'application de la TOC.

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