How to implement Critical Chain Project Management?

What are the steps involved in implementing Critical Chain Project Management?


In this video, we present the six essential steps for implementing Critical Chain Project Management in your project environment.


  1. Select the Team: In this initial phase, it is crucial to carefully choose team members who will be involved in implementing the Critical Chain method, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and are aligned with the project's objectives.
  2. Train Stakeholders: An important step involves training all stakeholders, whether they are team members, leaders, or other individuals involved in the project, to ensure a clear understanding and commitment to the new approach.
  3. Choose a Pilot Project: Identify a suitable pilot project that will serve as a testing ground for the Critical Chain method. This project should be representative of the types of projects your organization commonly handles.
  4. Execute the Pilot Project and Improve the Project Environment: Implement the Critical Chain method on the pilot project, closely monitoring its progress. Concurrently, identify and implement improvements to the project environment based on lessons learned from the pilot.
  5. Deploy the Method Across the Portfolio: Once the success of the pilot project is confirmed, expand the application of the Critical Chain method to the entire project portfolio of the organization, adapting the method to the specifics of each project.
  6. Identify and Unbottle the Portfolio Bottleneck: Analyze the project portfolio to identify areas where resources are underutilized or misallocated, then implement strategies to clear these bottlenecks, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the project portfolio.


By following these six phases, you will be able to introduce a smooth change into your company, thanks to this new methodology, which will speed up the completion of your projects and make it easier to achieve your objectives.




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Marris Consulting is an expert in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). As industry consultants, we are focused on helping process and manufacturing industries reach their highest levels of performance by using Constraints Management  combined with Lean and Six Sigma. We also use Critical Chain Project Management which we sometimes combine with Lean engineering to improve project performance. If you are unsure about the actions which need to be implemented to improve operational efficiency, our industrial management consultants can also conduct a performance audit. Furthermore, our experts host numerous Theory of Constraints (ToC), lean and project management training sessions throughout the year.

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Marris Consulting is an industry consulting and training company specialized in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management. We focus on improving the performance of manufacturing and process industries by using Constraints Management combined with Lean and Six Sigma. To boost project performance, we also use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which we sometimes combine with Lean Engineering. Our 2-day performance audits, our performance consulting services and our project management, Lean, ToC & CCPM training by our industry consultants offer a wide range of solutions to help our clients around the world reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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