Our consultants are deeply involved in the field, they are result-driven with the customers' teams.

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A consultant at Marris Consulting is a partner passionate with the industrial universe and all its issues (R&D, production, supply chain, ...). He brings :

  • awareness of the current level of performance and potential improvements,
  • A proper work approach adapted to the context and the issue,
  • A good knowledge of plants, warehouses, ... and experiences enabling him to define targets and solutions,
  • A commitment to reach the targeted level of performance,
  • An ability to explain, educate and get involved the client to implement the solutions, get results and ensure continuation.

A Consultant at Marris Consulting is a person with a proper behavior :

  • respectful : the consultant could not do what his clients do,
  • rational : his analysis and commentaries are based on facts,
  • qualified : he doesn't talk about what he doesn't know or have not studied,
  • transparent :he says the truth even if it's not good to hear,
  • engaged : he gets involved personnaly and heavily,


And aware that he doesn't know everything, he remains humble and doesn't take himself too seriously though being earnest.

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