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by Bill Dettmer and Thorsteinn Siglaugsson

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The Logical Thinking Process


The Logical Thinking Process, as the name suggests, uses sound logic and a set of tools to provide executives and system managers with a structured way to move from an ill-defined system level problem or strategic challenge to a fully implemented solution.

The Logical Thinking Process (LTP) is an integrated set of logic based tools intended specifically to answer four essential questions crucial for both strategy development and problem solving:

  1. What is the benchmark of desired system performance?
    2. Why is the system not already achieving that benchmark?
    3. What should be done differently to achieve the benchmark?
    4. How should changes be effected?

The LTP can typically help produce a completed strategy implementation plan within a matter of weeks. It provides an easy way for executives to monitor progress of strategy deployment. The resolution of complex and persistent system problems has been designed in as short as a few days and no more than a few weeks.

Logical Thinking Process

From symptoms to causes

Online training course

Craft an actionable future and bring your organization to a higher level

Designed by the world expert Bill Dettmer, the course is offered either as:

  • a fully coached option including 6 hours of coaching
  • or a "videos only" option without coaching.

LTP Online

(Training activity recorder in France under n° 11 75 45692 75)

In-person training

Bring your own challenge and leave with the solution!

Working with Thorsteinn SIGLAUGSSON, you will define in 6 days the true goal and unearth the root causes preventing you from reaching it. 

You will identify the actions needed to eliminate those root causes and formulate a clear way forward. You will also learn how to use AI language models to improve and speed up your analysis. 

LTP 6-day workshop in Paris

 (Training activity recorder in France under n° 11 75 45692 75)


Online courses by Bill Dettmer and Thorsteinn Siglaugsson


Video course - Thinking sharper with Artificial Intelligence


In-person training by Thorsteinn SIGLAUGSSON


"Thorsteinn is one of the few individuals who possesses practical skills, both in execution and teaching. Moreover, he brings something I could have never imagined: integrating Artificial Intelligence with LTP. I believe the future of LTP is promising." - Bill Dettmer. 


Registration for 5000€




Two short videos of Bill Dettmer explaining what are the LTP and the benefits you can get from the training course


Client testimony



Petit portrait de Bill Dettmer

H. WILLIAM DETTMER, Senior Partner, at Goal Systems International. Bill Dettmer has applied the Strategic Navigation and thinking process in both manufacturing and services with Fortune 500 and other companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations around the world. Partial client list includes The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (USA), Boeing, Bosch, Bayer, Deloitte&Touche (USA), U.S. Air Force Software Technology Center, Seagate Technology, Lucent Technologies (both in Europe and the USA), Siemens Medical (Germany), Siemens Energy Generation (USA). He has been awarded the Lifetime Achievements award by TOCICO in recognition of his contributions to the Theory Of Constraints Body of Knowledge.

Twenty-three years' experience in logistics, strategic planning, operational planning, training, large-scale systems deployment, and contracting. Direct responsibility for project management, logistics planning, gouvernement contracting, system design, financial management, productivity improvement, idea generation, team building, strategic planning, and customer-supplier relations.

Bill Dettmer's book:  The Logical Thinking Process, An Executive Summary (VirtualBookworm Publishing, 2018); Strategic Navigation (ASQ Quality Press, 2003); The Logical Thinking Process (ASQ Quality Press, 2007); Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance (ASQ Quality Press, 1998);  Strategy, Chapter 19 of Theory of Constraints Handbook (McGraw-Hill 2010); Brainpower Networking Using the Crawford Slip Method (Trafford Publishing, 2003). Co-author (with Eli Schragenheim) of Manufacturing at Warp Speed (CRC St. Lucie Press, 2000).


Thorsteinn SIGLAUGSSON is a certified expert in the Logical Thinking Process and holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in philosophy.

Thorsteinn has over 25 years of experience in consulting, training, and software development. He works alongside Bill Dettmer, the creator of the Logical Thinking Process, providing training and coaching in the process. Thorsteinn is the author of From Symptoms to Causes: Applying the Logical Thinking Process to an Everyday Problem (2020). Recently he has focused on the application of artificial intelligence to improve and speed up Logical Thinking Process analysis.


'' Since I began teaching the Logical Thinking Process in 1993, I've trained over 800 working professionals in its intricacies. Thorsteinn Siglaugsson ranks up there in the top three students I've ever had. But as most people know, being able to teach what one knows effectively requires a different skill set than merely doing it. Thorsteinn is one of the rare individuals who has both skills - doing AND teaching. Plus, he adds something I never could have - the integration of Artificial Intelligence with the Logical Thinking Process. I believe the future of the LTP is bright... '' Bill Dettmer.  




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