Critical Chain Project Management Training: Dare to finish all your projects on time!

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Dare to finish all your projects on time!


Your projects are often late or suffer significant budget overruns?
You must often abandon some original specifications?

Discover how the Critical Chain method allows you to get out of this spiral by participating in our initial Critical Chain Project Management training.

During this CCPM training you will:

  • Know how to build and execute a project schedule the Critical Chain way

  • Know how to manage a project portfolio with CCPM

  • Project managers know how to focus on the critical parts of their projects




Training goals

Our CCPM training has several objectives:

  • To know the limits and consequences of traditional project management

  • To understand the principles of planning and executing projects with the Critical Chain approach

  • To have an overview of how to implement CCPM in an organisation

Our Initial Critical Chain training

Training in Paris

French session: 1 day face-to-face

Session 1: On the 23rd of October 2024

Terms and conditions:

  • 900 € ex-VAT
  • Registration mandatory



(Training activity recorded in France
under n° 11 75 45692 75)


Online training 

Only available in English

  • 400 € including taxes
  • Registration mandatory

CCPM online course

Advanced training


Schema mutualization of margins CCPM scheduling


1) General overview of the Theory Of Constraints (TOC)

2) Problems and dilemmas of the traditional project management

3) Critical Chain Planning Rules

4) Project execution the Critical Chain way

5) Managing a project portfolio with Critical Chain

6) Continuous Improvement in the project environment

7) Case studies and implementation guidelines

8) Conclusion



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Marris Consulting is an expert company in Critical Chain Project Management training and consulting. With over 25 years of experience in implementing this approach, our experts offer you a comprehensive CCPM course, allowing you to understand all the fundamentals of the Critical Chain method and learn how to successfully implement it in project management. Because we know that it can sometimes be difficult to implement new strategies to improve project performance, our CCPM training programs use engaging learning methods and are led by recognized experts in Critical Chain in order to help you reach your goals. Our initial Critical Chain Project Management training is recognized in France and in many other countries by several major players in the transportation, chemical, manufacturing, food, and other industries. Our CCPM course can either be conducted online, or in our premises.

For more information about our initial CCPM training program, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

About Marris Consulting

Marris Consulting is an industry consulting and training company specialized in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management. We focus on improving the performance of manufacturing and process industries by using Constraints Management combined with Lean and Six Sigma. To boost project performance, we also use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which we sometimes combine with Lean Engineering. Our 2-day performance audits, our performance consulting services and our project management, Lean, ToC & CCPM training by our industry consultants offer a wide range of solutions to help our clients around the world reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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