The life of a consultant at Marris Consulting combines assignments at the clients' facilities and in-house training

Most of your time will be devoted to leading improvement actions during missions of several months, in a team of 2 to 4 consultants. 
A project is your main source of development: you will improve your consulting skills in fields such as Production, Supply Chain, and Project Management supported by experienced Managers.

Apart from your client assignments, you will benefit from an important training programme (one training session per month minimum, all year long) based on:

  • Expectations of the teams,
  • Personnal needs, defined through our individual evaluation process (MAREVAL).

These training sessions combine project feedbacks and more theoretical presentations of methodologies and consulting tools (TOC, Lean, FMEA, VSM, ...). All our employees frequently meet in order to cross-train and contribute to our team building.

Finally, each employee is entrusted with tasks contributing to the Marris Consulting's growth such as press reviews, creation and maintenance of one of our 3 websites, books summaries, video post-production ... every personal initiative is welcome.


At Marris Consulting, you will enjoy developping a wide skills-set

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