Webinar: Toyota's inverted pyramid

Toyota's inverted pyramid explained by an ex VP Manufacturing at Toyota


During a Marris Consulting conference, Reynald Debaut-Henocque presented how Toyota was implementing the inverted pyramid. Many key Lean principles are taught on university benches and MBAs. However, what does it take to move from the theory to the success story?


What is the Lean inverted pyramid?

It consists of employing all the available resources of a company in problem-solving or for continuous improvement. Where most traditional companies ask their operators to inform their managers when they face an issue, so that the manager can address it, at Toyota managers only grant operators the tools to let them solve their daily issues. 


How to implement the Lean inverted pyramid?

Several key elements are required to implement the Lean inverted pyramid:

  • To know the roles and responsibilities of both managers and operators,
  • To have a rigorous training plan, at all level,
  • To acknowledge people's work,
  • To have a clear communication,


To learn more, please find below Reynald Debaut-Henocque testimonial on how Toyota implemented it.


Video available in French only



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