Transforming a company with Critical Chain and Theory of Constraints in production to become more competitive.


  • Critical Chain + Theory of Constraints + Planning Software trainings of the key actors.

  • Focus on the Constraint : Implementation of Critical Chain Project Management methodology in the Development Department.

  • Implementation of new rules in the Development Department.

  • Creation of new KPIs for the Development Department, the Methods Department and for Production.

  • Deployment of Critical Chain on the whole portfolio, scheduling and modelization of complete projects.

  • Reorganization : Creation of an S&OP service. 

  • TOC + Lean in Production.

  • Drastic reduction of work-in-progress (WIP) in the workshop thanks to the "2 for 1" rule (see the video on this topic)

  • Reconfiguration of the Advanced Production System.


Results / Deliverables

  • -75% of WIP in the Development Department in less than 8 months (-50% in 4 months).

  • +120% of productivity in the Development Department.

  • Strong improvement of the technicians' working conditions.

  •  -50% of WIP in Manufacturing.

  • -40% of Manufacturing Lead Time.

  • -30% of the global Lead Time.

  • Spectacular Improvement of the planning quality and of the project monitoring.

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