Breakfast Conference - Lessons learnt from the Critical Chain implementation in MRO

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Reduction of downtime and improvement of operational availability in MRO

Photo portrait de Sébastien Albouy

The first "Lessons learnt" conference in a breakfast conference format took place on Thursday the 15th of December 2016 in our offices in the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, with the participation of Sébastien Albouy, EMEA director at Embraer Executive Jets Services and of Sylvain Lemetayer, mecanician at the Embraer center.


The subject: Reduction of downtime and improvement of operational availability in MRO


Dedicated to professionals of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) maintenance, this "lessons learnt" session based on the methodology and tools that Marris Consulting Teams had implemented at Embraer in Bourget, France, reunited roughly fifteen guests (limited number of seats). Stakeholders in maintenance activities in aeronautical areas, in rolling stocks or in industrial equipment and facilities, participants listened to testimonies from Sylvain Lemetayer, mecanician at the Embraer center, Sebastien Albouy, EMEA director and Selim Ben Mlouka, manager at Marris Consulting and in charge of the Embraer assignment.

Supported by numbers and examples, presenters shared the benefits of implementation of dynamic scheduling and planning of tasks and workload thanks to Critical Chain Project Management as well as the improvements in terms of operational performances using Lean principles. Sebastien particularly caught the public's attention with his explanations about concrete gains obtained by the reduction by 45% of downtime of business jets in his hangar (word refering to the maintenance center)

The available surface to receive aircrafts is one of the major constraints of the site. This is why reducing the occupancy time of the slots is an excellent measure to multiply the intervention capacity, hence to multiply the turnover. This potential is to be exploited with comparable manpower because the approach was also to revise their way of executing interventions in order to increase productivity by more than 40%, while taking into account multiple regulatory and normative constraints.

Too modest to state it by himself, it was Philip Marris, CEO of Marris Consulting, who reminded to Sebastien Albouy and to the public that moving from 9 weeks down to 5 weeks in a Check C visit represented a world record, performance which certainly has not failed to catch the attention of American and Brasilian Embraer colleagues, as well as peers also established at the Bourget airport.

The conference was followed by a Q & A session and then by discussions within small groups.


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