Carrefours Excellences Conference in 2015 - Theory of Constraints and Common Sense to deliver on time, without stress

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Towards a liberated and connected factory: embracing the 4.0 trend for a new model of Excellence

With the participation of Philip Marris, the Theory of Constraints in aeronautical production

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  • Wednesday October the 7th 2015 at 08:30

  • Hôtel Novotel Paris-Bercy

conférence TOC aux Carrefours Excellence

The conference has been hosted by Philip Marris


Theory of constraints and Common Sense to deliver on time, without stress

  • How to improve the on-time delivery rate from 50% to 100%?

  • How is it possible to feel overwhelmed by the workload whereas the system is largely underloaded?

  • How to go out of an infernal spiral of long production cycles, WIP build-ups and delays?

  • The ERP system cannot understand the situation, let's ignore it!

  • Identifying the real bottleneck, better exploit it and immediately increase the throughput of the factory and the global productivity by 30%.

  • Reducing by 75% cycle durations and the level of WIP with one single decision: the "2 for 1" role.

  • Decreasing production cycles from 9 months to 3 weeks.

  • Combining Critical Chain Project Management and Lean Engineering to accelerate the industrialization process of products.


Ludovic HAGNERÉ, Production Manager, SAGEM

Stéphane VITRAC, Plant Director, SAGEM



Schedule of Carrefours Excellences 2015


Cycle A: first day, 7th of October 2015

The Autonomy and Agility mix: a new scenario of gloabal performance


Cycle B : second day, 8th of October 2015

The Synergy Human & Digital: a new source of value creation for the client




Carrefours Excellences are organized by BECOMM


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