Replay of the webinar - Using Artificial Intelligence in a Logical Thinking Process Analysis

Using Artificial Intelligence in a LTP Analysis


In this video, we can see Thorsteinn Siglaugsson discussing the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Logical Thinking Process (LTP) in a webinar focused on business analysis. Thorsteinn provides clear and easy-to-understand examples to illustrate how AI can enhance the application of LTP in decision-making processes.


Throughout the webinar, Thorsteinn emphasizes the limitations of traditional quantitative models in capturing tacit information crucial for decision-making. He explains how AI and machine learning techniques can overcome these limitations by analyzing unstructured data and providing valuable insights.


Thorsteinn highlights the value of logical analysis methods like LTP and the TOC Thinking Processes in guiding business analysis. However, he acknowledges the challenges of constructing logic trees that are both sound and free from biases. This is where the integration of large language models, such as Chat GPT, becomes invaluable. These models assist in reducing bias, accelerating the analysis process, and improving the clarity and rigour of logical thinking.


The webinar delves into practical applications of AI in logical analysis, including assisting with scrutiny, suggesting causal relationships, refining wording, and structuring case descriptions. Thorsteinn showcases how AI technologies enable faster and more effective analysis, ultimately leading to better decision-making outcomes.


Overall, this video serves as an informative and insightful resource for anyone interested in leveraging AI in conjunction with the Logical Thinking Process for improved business analysis. It highlights the symbiotic relationship between AI and LTP, demonstrating how combining these methodologies can enhance analytical capabilities and drive meaningful results in various domains.


The video concludes with a question and answer session with Philip Marris.



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Marris Consulting is an industry consulting and training company specialized in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management. We focus on improving the performance of manufacturing and process industries by using Constraints Management combined with Lean and Six Sigma. To boost project performance, we also use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which we sometimes combine with Lean Engineering. Our 2-day performance audits, our performance consulting services and our project management, Lean, ToC & CCPM training by our industry consultants offer a wide range of solutions to help our clients around the world reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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