Clarke Ching & Philip Marris discussion Podcast

Clarke Ching and Philip discuss the Theory Of Constraints


Clarke Ching and Philip discuss the Theory Of Constraints : their war stories, the history of TOC, the name "Theory Of…”, the Thinking Processes, why is TOC so marginal, TOC and Lean Manufacturing, why the 5 focusing steps are flawed, the power of focusing (Matryoshka doll analogy), Kanban/Agile/TOC/David Anderson, is THE goal really to make more money?, the management of ambition, the difference between applying TOC in software development and in production, etc.


Philip Marris has over 30 years of experience implementing the Theory Of Constraints in over 250 organizations worldwide.


Clarke Ching is a computer scientist with an MBA who discovered Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (ToC) in 2003 and has been using it ever since to accelerate Agile initiatives. He is fascinated by Agile and obsessed with ToC. He wrote the amazon best-sellers Rolling Rocks Downhill and The Bottleneck Rules. Rolling Rocks Downhill teaches 3 things: the fundamentals of Agile combined with ToC; how to use those fundamentals to deliver big projects faster and on time; and how to deliver quietly huge transformations. It’s been featured in The Guardian newspaper and The Spectator magazine. It was one of Barbara Oakley’s top 10 books of 2019. It was the #2 best-selling Leadership book on, just behind Steven Covey’s 7-habits book. He has been Agile / Lean / ToC expert in: GE Energy, Dell, Royal London (life insurance & pensions), Gazprom and Standard Life Aberdeen among other organizations. He is the past Chairperson of Agile Scotland. He is a lecturer at Victoria University School Of Management in New Zealand where he now lives. Today he is the founder and Chief Productivity Officer of Odd Socks Consulting.

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