Constraint Management & IT - 10 Can knowledge be the constraint?

Can knowledge be the constraint?


Knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Human intelligence is no longer the only way to produce, comprehend, and apply knowledge. Technologies have progressed to the point where it’s sometimes hard to tell whether natural or artificial intelligence is at work.

Artificial Intelligence technologies have cycled through excitement and disappointment since the 1970s. We're currently in another exciting period, so AI is a worthy topic for the exploration of constraint management (Theory of Constraints).


Any business that offers AI products faces the same potential constraints as any other product business: hardware, software, skills, etc. However, a business that offers AI services can have a knowledge constraint. For instance, if the service is an automated chatbot that responds to customer inquiries and the chatbot is only able to answer a small portion of inquiries, the knowledge behind the chatbot can be a constraint. That is, delivery of that service is restricted by lack of knowledge.


More applications of constraint management for IT are covered in "Exceeding the Goal."



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Marris Consulting is an expert in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). As industry consultants, we are focused on helping process and manufacturing industries reach their highest levels of performance by using Constraints Management  combined with Lean and Six Sigma. We also use Critical Chain Project Management which we sometimes combine with Lean engineering to improve project performance. If you are unsure about the actions which need to be implemented to improve operational efficiency, our industrial management consultants can also conduct a performance audit. Furthermore, our experts host numerous Theory of Constraints (ToC), lean and project management training sessions throughout the year.

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Marris Consulting is an industry consulting and training company specialized in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management. We focus on improving the performance of manufacturing and process industries by using Constraints Management combined with Lean and Six Sigma. To boost project performance, we also use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which we sometimes combine with Lean Engineering. Our 2-day performance audits, our performance consulting services and our project management, Lean, ToC & CCPM training by our industry consultants offer a wide range of solutions to help our clients around the world reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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