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You are interested in the Theory Of Constraints and its various applications?

Attend our TOC Week, a 4-day training offer around Theory of Constraints in production and Project Management by the Critical Chain and benefit from a favorable price

Participate in a 4-day training in English about the Theory of Constraints, and learn how you can:

-Combine the Theory of Constraints with your Lean-type actions to accelerate improvement initiatives in production and reduce your lead-times.

- Put your projects under control by applying  Critical Chain Project Management, and reduce the duration of your projects. This approach is also compatible with Lean Engineering and Agile methods




  • To enable participants to sustainably and significantly improve the operational and financial performance of their company.

  • Understand the main principles of the Theory Of Constraints approach, as well as the Critical Chain Project Management method, and their applications in an industrial environment.

  • Being able to accelerate your improvement initiatives by focusing actions on the critical leverage points.




From 21st to 24th of May 2019 (En)







Maine Montparnasse Tower,
central Paris, France

Access map



Philip MARRIS, Founder
and CEO of Marris Consulting,

TOC and Lean expert, author of

the french book

 "Le Management Par les Contraintes"




(Training activity recorded in France
 under n° 11 75 45692 75)




Day 1 & 2: Theory Of Constraints, Lean accelerator and growth generator


Training objectives

  • Analyze flow, identify the critical bottleneck and use it to manage operations (S&OP, planning, scheduling…) with Drum Buffer Rope

  • Decrease WIP and production cycles while increasing sales 

  • Identify and focus on relevant improvement actions with Lean tools and methods (PDCA, SMED, Jidoka, OEE, ...) to leverage the few vital spots in order to boost global performance and dramatically improve your bottom line

 Agenda Day 1&2

1) Overview of the Theory of Constraints (part 1)

2) Case study: automotive OEM

3) Overview of the Theory of Constraints (part 2)

4) Step 1: Identify - Finding constraints

5) Step 2: Exploit

6) Case study: aeronautical equipment

7) Miscellaneous: Little's Law

8) Step 3: Subordinate

9) Flow control: Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) and S-DBR

10) Our point of view: The 2 for 1 rule

11) Buffer management: Don't fall asleep on your buffers

12) Step 4: Elevate

13) Step 5: Go back to Step 1…or not

14) Our point of view: Lean and Six Sigma

15) VAT plants

16) Critical Chain in production and projects

17) Case study: ETO & MTO

This two days training is more consistent than the one day training in French with more case studies and more details about the five focusing steps of the Theory of Constraints

 Details of the "Theory of constraints" training


Days 3 & 4 : Critical Chain Project Management, Basics & Advanced Levels


Training objectives 

  • To know the limits and consequences of traditional project management

  • To understand the principles of planning and executing projects with the Critical Chain approach

  • To have an overview of how to implement CCPM in an organisation

  • To further improve results after an initial Critical Chain implementation

  • To fully integrate the Critical Chain methodology in the processes and management practises


Day 3

1) Quick reminder of the Theory Of Constraint principles  

 2) Problems and dilemmas of the traditional project management

 3) Multitasking game

 4) Critical Chain Planning Rules

5) CCPM Planning Exercise

 6) Project execution, new KPIs and continuous improvement

 7) Case studies and implementation guidelines

8) Conclusion

Details of the "Critical Chain project management" training


Day 4

1) Advanced scheduling according to Critical Chain

2) Identification of the capacity constraint in the system

3) Project portfolio management with  the Critical Chain approach

4) Communication with the customers

5) Focused continuous improvement

6) Critical Chain, Lean Engineering + DFSS

7) CCPM softwares comparison

8) Conclusion

Details of the "advanced Critical Chain project management" training

 TOC Week




  • 4-day inter-entreprise training
  • 3 000 € ex VAT, lunches included
  • Marris Consulting is referenced Data Dock, this training can be supported by your training organization
  • Registration for each day of the training independently is possible, details on ours trainings webpage




  • The trainer, Philip Marris, who is a world expert of Theory of Constraints and Lean with over 32 years experience helping over 150 different companies throughout the world, who worked with Eliyahu Goldratt and is the author of the French reference book on the subject
  • Concrete examples of implementation in various industrial environments


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