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You liked the book "The Goal" by Eliyahu Goldratt?


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Decrease your production cycles, create growth and accelerate your Lean program by applying Theory of Constraints (ToC) to your factory. Lean and the ToC aren't incompatible, on the contrary. Learn how to inject ToC in to your Lean approach. On-line training session by world expert Philip Marris (>30 years of experience of ToC in production).

Schéma explicatif du principe DBR de la Théorie des Contraintes anglais 




  • Teach participants how to improve rapidly, significantly and sustainably the operational and bottom line performance of their company
  • Understand the principles of the Theory of Constraints approach applied to production
  • Know how to boost your Lean Manufacturing program by focusing actions on critical leverage points



 Session - English : 25th to 28th august 2020

4 sessions of 2h from 4pm to 6pm (GMT+2)






 Training split in three 2-hour theoritical sessions,
plus one 2-hour sesssion dedicated to questions and attendees' specific cases


 Philip MARRIS, Founder

and CEO of Marris Consulting,

TOC and Lean expert, author of

the french best-selling book

 "Le Management Par les Contraintes"



(Training activity recorded in France
 under n° 11 75 45692 75)

Sessions are limited to 20 people in order to facilitate interactions

If the training session is full
Please contact us  to have information about the next one






  • Analyze flow, identify the constraint(s) and manage operations accordingly (S&OP, planning, scheduling…) with Drum Buffer Rope etc.
  • Decrease WIP and production cycles while increasing sales 
  • Identify and focus on relevant improvement actions with Lean tools and methods (PDCA, SMED, Jidoka, OEE, ...) to leverage the critical resources in order to boost overall performance and dramatically improve your bottom line





Day 1: General presentation of the Theory of Constraints

  • Overview of the Theory of Constraints (part 1)
  • Case study: automotive OEM
  • Overview of the Theory of Constraints (part 2)


Day 2: The 5 focusing steps of Theory of Constraints

  • The "5 Focusing Steps" illustrated by real life examples (part 1): identify the constraint, exploit the constraint, subordinate
  • Case study: aeronautical equipment manufacturer
  • The "5 Focusing Steps" illustrated by real life examples (part 2): Elevate the constraint, Go back to step 1...


Day 3: The TLS combination, and the other components of TOC

  • Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma (TLS) combination
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • The Throughput world
  • The Logical Thinking Process


Day 4: Conclusion and Questions-Answers




  • 4 inter-company sessions of 2 hours on 4 consecutive days 
  • 250 euros ex-VAT



  • The trainer, Philip Marris, who is a world expert of Theory of Constraints and Lean with over 34 years experience, helping over 250 companies throughout the world, who worked with Eliyahu Goldratt and is the author of the French reference book on the subject

  • Only 20 participants so that the trainer can interact throughout the course and answer individual questions.

  • A session dedicated to your questions and preoccupations so that you can better understand how to apply the Theory of Constraints in your business.

  • Many real life examples of implementations in various industrial environments.

  • Taking the human dimension into account when deploying the approach. How to deal with resistance to change.


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