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Inter and intra-company trainings

As a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis most of our training sessions are now available online


Over 4 000 people have been trained by Marris Consulting in the past 6 years including: Aerosud, ArcelorMittal, Areva, Arkema, Ariane Group, Autoliv, Bayer, Bolloré, Bosch, Bulgari, CEA, Constellium, Embraer, Essilor, Danfoss, Fresenius Vial, GSK, Infineon, Ipsen, Jaeger LeCoultre, Lilly, Louis Vuitton, Merial, McDonald's, Nexter, Novartis, Pierre Fabre, Procter & Gamble, Pyrex, Rolex, Safran, Salzgitter-Mannesmann, Schlumberger, Seb, Siemens, SKF, Société Générale, Thales, Veolia, Visteon, Yves Rocher & Zodiac Aerospace.


intra-company training sessions

We can organize training sessions just for your company, in your premises. We call them "intra-company" sessions or "internal" training sessions. These sessions can be organized in your company's premises anywhere in the world, but if you prefer we can organize it in Paris, in our facility. You can contact us for rates and conditions regarding internal training sessions and we will get back to you with different options.


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Marris Consulting is an accredited French training organization, n°11 75 45692 75.



Inter-company training sessions, now online too


We organize several training sessions each year for people from different companies and industries, in English and in French. Because people from different companies can participate, we call them inter-company sessions. We organize these trainings in our facilities in Paris, and since the Covid-19 crisis we now also organize them online. 

During disruptions related to containment measures, our training continues online.

We adapt the format and the content of our trainings  to offer you online learning, consisting of 2-hour sessions per day over several days.

For all our training courses being reprogrammed, contact us if you wish to be kept informed of the new dates

Please specify the training for which you would like information


Keep me informed 


We propose the following training sessions:

The Theory of Constraints in Production - Implementing The Goal / ToC to boost a Lean programme

Couverture des livres Management par las Contraintes


Online training 

Duration: 4 sessions of 2hrs

Session - French: From 6th to 9th October 2020

4 sessions of 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm (GMT+2, Paris time)

Paris training

Duration : 1 day
Session - French: The 11th of March 2021

Session - English: The 18th of May 2021

Critical Chain Project Management - "Will you dare to finish all your projects on time?" 

Online initial training

Duration: 4 sessions of 2hrs

Session - French - Basic: From 3pm to 5pm (GMT+2), from 20th to 23rd October 2020

Session - English - BasicFrom 4pm to 6pm (GMT+2), from 1st to 4th of Decembre 2020

Online advanced training

Duration: 4 sessions of 2hrs

Session - French - Advanced: From 3pm to 5pm (GMT+2), from 27th to 30th of October 2020

Session - English - Advanced: From 4pm to 6pm (GMT+2), from 8th to 11th of December 2020



Paris training - Basic

Duration: 1 day
Session - French: The 3rd of February 2021

Session - English: The 19th of May 2021



Paris training - Advanced

Duration: 1 day
Session - French: The 4th of February 2021

Session - English: The 20th of May 2021


Good Lean Bad Lean by Reynald Debaut-Henocque Toyota ex-VP Manufacturing and Philip Marris

Only in French for the moment

On-site training

Duration: 1 day

The 19th november 2020 in Paris

The Logical Thinking Process: Training by Bill Dettmer

"Craft an actionable future and bring your organization to a higher level"

In English Only

Goal Tree

6-day Workshop

Duration: 6 days
From 9th to 16th June 2021 in Paris

Masterclass: Rev Up Dev Using Theory Of Constraints - with Clarke - the bottleneck guy - Ching

In English only

Online training

Duration: 2 sessions of 2 hours

The 6th and 13th of October 2020 from 9am to 11am (GMT+2, Paris Time)


Marris Consulting regularly teaches courses at schools and universities in France and abroad.

Schools and universities


Our previous training sessions


Marris Consulting is a referenced trainer to Datadock


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