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TOCICO International web (virtual) Conference 2020

TOCICO, the Theory Of Constraints International Certification Organization, is the official not for profit organization that manages the TOC community globally. The 2020 conference was online from the 22nd to 26th of June 2020. Over 50 presentations, 4 hours per day over 5 days with access to video replays of the presentations.

Marris Consulting is proud to announce that 3 of its clients presented a conference:

  • McDonalds, Eric Bisson Senior VP Operations, Technogy and PMO, COO, McDonald's France - Boosting Operational Performance With the Theory of Constraints

  • Aerosud, MD Johan Steyn - How To Take Your TOC Journey From Build To Capitalize / Pivoting A Business Offering Due To The COVID

  • EuroCryospace, MD Christine Jauffret - Boosting [Ariane] Rocket Production Using TOC

TOCICO was founded in 2001. Every year it organizes an annual conference somewhere in the world that is the main Theory Of Constraints annual gathering with hundreds of participants. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 event happened online. Philip Marris, the CEO of Marris Consulting, was part of TOCICO conference organization committee.

Replay recording of the 3 presentations by Marris Consulting's clients


McDonald’s in France has over 1,500 restaurants and 70,000 employees. The French market is recognized as the most difficult market in the world because clients eat at very specific times and the culinary expectations are very high. It has for many years been one of the most innovative of McDonald’s markets.
When rolling out the new “Made For You” global operational model they took the opportunity to rethink how they managed operations in their restaurants. 
Using a mixture of Theory Of Constraints, Lean and common sense McDonald's redefined how they managed flow.
As a result client service times were significantly reduced and global efficiency increased.


Aerosud is a fully and explicitly Theory Of Constraints company from operational flow management on the shop floor to its strategy described in the form of a Goal Tree.
The company, based in South Africa, produces aeronautical equipment for Boeing, Airbus and other key actors. Their TOC journey started in 2010. It first applied TOC to its Supply Chain and Manufacturing with great success. It later implemented Critical Chain Project Management to its new product development and broke the world record in performance finishing 98% of its projects on time.
Then in March 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic struck them and the aeronautical industry. Their response was to trigger and co-lead a South African initiative to rapidly develop the products that the country needed to face the crisis. Today Aerosud has repositioned themselves to continue to thrive in the new context.

EuroCryospace (Ariane rockets)

EuroCryospace is a subsidiary of Air Liquide and Ariane Group. The company manufactures the main “stage one” cryogenic tank for the Ariane 5 rockets. Facing difficulties to meet the customer's need and changes in external & internal context of the aerospace activity, the situation prompted the facility to implement the Theory of Constraints in order to increase the production rates.
Significant results were quickly obtained:
• The rocket production rate increased by 25% with no investments whilst simultaneously switching from a 3 shift to 2 shift organisation.
• The waiting time at quality control reception was reduced by 85%,
• The output of the bottleneck of the first stage sections production increased by 60%.



To learn more about TOCICO, the organisers of this event, please visit their website. If you would like unlimited access to the hundreds of such videos in their collection please consider becoming a member of this not-for-profit assocition.


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