Presentation of Critical Chain Project Management

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Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) presentation in 20 minutes

Philip Marris, CEO of Marris Consulting, completes the presentation of Theory of Constraintes by quickly explaining the principles of the Critical Chain methodology.

Bio - Philip Marris

Philip is a recognized Theory Of Constraints worldwide expert with more than 30 years of TOC experience. He started working with the founder father of TOC, Eliyahu Goldratt in 1986. He has also a similar long experience with Lean.

One of his feats of arms was to significantly improve a production line of leanest organizations in the world, after Toyota, in a matter of minutes. He did this merging TOC and Lean.

Philip helped over 200 companies in all industrial sectors during his more than 25 years of experience as consultant. Philip founding Marris Consulting in 2004, the company is based in Paris, France and its motto is: Factories, People & Results.

Philip is the host of this 38th TOCPA conference, the first in France.




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