Making Change Happen Using TOC’s Thinking Processes by Jelena Fedurko-Cohen

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Making Change Happen Using TOC’s Thinking Processes by Jelena Fedurko-Cohen

The biggest challenge in implementing change is making it happen. Without the collaboration of people whose lives are going to be affected by the change, it is hardly possible. Management often takes it for granted that a good solution, especially one that has proven to be successful in other companies or environments, will work.  However, even a very good solution is only a part of the success. 

Ability to recognize what change means for people, and their reaction towards the proposed initiative, is crucial for leaders.  They must understand how to influence attitude of their people, and how to build agreement and enthusiasm towards achieving the required improvements. 

Theory of Constraints has an impressive portfolio of logical tools that cover every aspect of change implementation, from detecting, verbalizing and analysing a problem to developing a solution, to assessing and trimming risks, to overcoming reservations and removing obstacles, as well as to structuring the change implementation into clearly justified, manageable and auditable actions. 

This conference will show the use of main TOC Thinking Process tools to help lead people through change.        

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen – bio

Jelena is a Co-Founder and Co-President of TOC Practitioners Alliance TOCPA, CEO and Senior TOC Expert at tocExpert, co-founder of tocExpert ThinkCamp – an international center for further TOC development, the tocExpert Network and TOC Practitioners Worldwide group on Facebook. 

Jelena has been involved in TOC since 1999. She is a TOC expert, trainer and consultant. She provides TOC implementation support in production, supply chain, change management, sales and marketing, as well as developing strategies and tactics. Jelena has worked in various countries all over the world, including Japan, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and other countries.

Jelena is the author of four advances books on TOC Thinking Processes: Behind the Cloud (2011), Through Clouds to Solutions (2013), Typical mistakes in working with TOC Logical Tools (2014), A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree (2016). Together with Oded Cohen Jelena has co-authored the book Theory of Constraints Fundamentals (2012). She regularly presents in the international conferences, has many publications and video materials, and has contributed to a number of books on TOC, the TOCICO Dictionary, and the bank of TOC materials on TOCPA portal. Jelena regularly writes in the blog Serious Talk about TOC.

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