Fixing airplanes twice as fast with CCPM

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Fixing airplanes twice as fast with CCPM

The Embraer Executive Jets service center is the Maintenance Support for the Embraer Executive Jet fleet for the Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) area. Located in Le Bourget, France, the center has implemented Critical Chain to reduce aircraft downtime. Starting from an average of 9 weeks for Check-C type operations, the team reduced the T.A.T (TurnAround Time) by 40% and by 50% the number of hours of labour per job without compromising the quality.

Dynamic scheduling that takes into account the variability, which is inevitable in this type of activity, allows them to fulfill the commitments promised to customers. With the implementation of the hangar portfolio Fever Chart, the Embarer team now has a clear visibility of the work progress and an easy process for managing the hour-by-hour and day-by-day activity.

The conference presents the successes, challenges and next steps of this transformation.

Fernando Bertrand - Bio

  • IPSA, Expert in aeronautics and space engineering
  • Airworthiness Responsible at Air Tahiti
  • Quality Manager, Security and Human Factors Manager at CAP Sud Tahiti
  • Maintenance Engineering & Planning Manager at EMBRAER AVIATION INTERNATIONAL

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