"Developing a Strategy the TOC Way" par Eli Schragenheim - En anglais

(En) Conference "Developing a Strategy the TOC Way" by Eli Schragenheim on 14th October 2015


Developing a Strategy theTOC Way

 Beyond Strategy and Tactics Tree (S&T)


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  • Wednesday 14th October 2015, 18h to 20h15

  • Marris Consulting - Tour Montparnasse 27e étage – 33 avenue du Maine, 75015 PARIS 

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  • Conference in english

The TOC France association is pleased to invite you on 14th October 2015 to its workshop : 

Developing a Strategy the TOC Way

Beyond Strategy and Tactics Tree (S&T)

This event will be the opportunity to meet Eli and listen to him about the strategy devlopment according the TOC spirit : 


TOC values focusing on the one, or very few elements that truly make a difference, then build the supporting system for those elements.  Eli Goldratt proposed the concept of a "Decisive Competitive Edge", which I will explain and give examples. 

 Then there are the supporting elements, like being ready for the change and the care we need to pay during the change.  What is known as the S&T, is a good structure to represent the Strategy and the main ingredients of the implementation steps”.


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Eli Schragenheim

Eli Schragenheim is one of the most respected TOC experts, known as a trainer, consultant and author. He is author or co-author of the following books : Management Dilemmas, Manufacturing at Warp Speed and Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed.
He participated alongside Dr. Goldratt to "Necessary but Not Sufficient" and contributed to two chapters of "The TOC Handbook".



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