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Velocity - How to combine Lean, Six Sigma and Theory Of Constraints to boost your performances

A book by Dee Jacob, Suzan Bergland & Jeff Cox


Velocity is a business novel that explains how to combine Theory Of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma, also known as T.L.S.

It depicts a young president of a company that just has been bought by a large group and whose objective is to ensure a minumum 10% annual growth.With her team, she tries to articulate these 3 approaches to meet the objectives. Even if the methodologies seem contradictory, the team will soon realize that they can be associated, and that it is crucial to use them correctly to signifanctly boost results, even during an econimic crisis

By taking the example of a company, the authors show that the "Velocity approach" can be applied in production but has to also be implemented at each stage of the company's value chain.


Couverture du livre Vélocité






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