Comparative study of Critical Chain software solutions 

Comparative table of Critical Chain Project Management software


You'll find below a comparative study of different existing software solutions to manage your projects the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) way.
Please note that this study only includes a dozen vendors, therefore it represents a non exhaustive panel of the current software offering.
Moreover, this comparison is based on a restricted number of criteria, and thus doesn't intend to provide a complete analysis of the software features.

This study is aimed at giving an objective view of several software solutions to people wishing to implement Critical Chain Project Management, so they can get an initial idea of which solution best suits their situation.
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If you are a Critical Chain software vendor whose product doesn't appear in this study and you would like to, please contact us.

If you are a Critical Chain software vendor and your product already appears in the study but you would like to add comments please contact us so we can update the study accordingly.

Comparative study of CCPM software solutions English version

Details and explanations of the criteria 

Customer service:

If the user has a problem with the software: does a hotline exist? Is there an acknowledgement of the question / a reference number / confirmation of closing the issue? How quickly can a customer can expect an answer?  

Single project / projects portfolio:

Can the software schedule with CCPM rules a single project?
Is it possible to manage several projects with the software? Is there the possibility to stagger projects based on a portfolio capacity constraint or virtual drum?

Multiple endpoints:

In one project, you might want to track several endpoints, delivery of a prototype / of an important document / delivery of the first equipment/ etc…
Do all the endpoints finish at the same time (the end date of your project)? Can you prioritize the endpoints (I want this one to finish first, this one second, etc…)? Is it possible to have an exit buffer and a Fever Chart for all the endpoints?

Program management:

We consider in this study that a program is a one (big) project, which is divided in to sub-projects managed by different people or different organizations, with links between the different sub-projects (meaning an output of a sub-project is an input for another one).

For instance, in a new equipment industrialization project: design (1 sub-project), industrialization of mechanical parts (1 sub-project), industrialization of electronic parts (1 sub-project), assembly (1 sub-project), tests and verification (1 sub-project).

Sub-projects have intermediate goals and endpoints, but they all work for the same crucial endpoint: the completion of the programme.

Does the software allow this configuration? i.e. manage a single Critical Chain that contains several projects with predecessor-successor links between them? Does it track the common endpoint with buffer and Fever Chart?

Project evaluation:

Is there a feature allowing the user to check if the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) contains errors? (tasks without resources / successors / without durations / links with summary tasks / etc…)

Smart filters:

Are there features to filter out tasks: on the Critical Chain / backward or forward from a task / path between 2 tasks?

MS Project Compatibility:

Is the software an add-on of Microsoft Project? Is it possible to import MSP files / no compatibility / etc.? 

Number of references:

Number of customers that use the software. If it is an option then how many references are there for the CCPM module.

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