Critical Chain Project Management, an innovative method to successfully finish its project, on time, within budget and conform to customer's specifications.



Most of the projects traditionally managed with the Critical Path Method (CPM) or the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) suffer from time and budget overruns of 50 to 200% and often original specifications have to be abandoned.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) has shown for more than 10 years, that performances can be significantly improved applying this new approach.

The Critical Chain is defined by the longest chain of dependencies between tasks, taking into account critical resources conflicts. The management must focus on the Critical Chain. Critical Chain is different from traditional critical path:

  • We use a new way to estimate tasks durations, which enables a 50% reduction in tasks durations,

  • The project is protected from uncertainty thanks to a project buffer which is compensated for by the reduction of individual safety margins on each task,

  • Feeding buffers are inserted to protect the Critical Chain from delays on non-critical tasks,

  • The project, or projects in multi-projects environments, are managed by the emblematic “Fever Chart” allowing management to be more proactive and reactive, 

  • We prevent resources on the Critical Chain from multitasking,

  • We minimize the "Student syndrome" (to postpone until the last moment working on a task) by valuing tasks finished early, 

  • We often use mascots to identify for resources working on the Critical Chain and in this way, we reinforce relay race behavior on the critical sequence of tasks.

Critical Chain Project Management allows projects to be finished on time, within budget and without compromises on the original specifications. Moreover, we notice an extraordinary increase in project performance, an increase in resource productivity and a healthier and more serene working environment.  

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