Christophe Thibaut's feedback on the Logical Thinking Process' workshop 

Feedback by Christophe Thibaut on the LTP workshop


Philip Marris asks Christophe Thibaut about his experience during a 6-day training course on Logical Thinking Process animated by William (Bill) Dettmer.

Christophe details why and how the Logical Thinking Process is relevant to the I.T service industry. He comments on the strenght of the Future Reality Tree and the law of Unintended Consequences. He explains why this course exceeded his expectactions. He strongly recommands to come with a colleague to attend this 6-day training course.

We invite you to discover his testimony through 2 videos, a first one of 22min and for those with less available time, a second synthetic video of 9 min

These videos are only available in French

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