Philip Marris TOC + Lean experience and comments 

Philip Marris is interview by Bill Dettmer about TOC & Lean

Philip Marris is interviewed by Bill Dettmer in Luxembourg in December 2013.

Philip describes his personal +25 year experience of Lean / Toyota Way and of the Theory Of Constraints: his initial experience in industry; his encounter with Eli Goldratt and the Theory Of Constraints in 1986; his experience of implementing "TOC + Lean"; his book "If you liked the book "The Goal" this is how you do it"; why Lean has obtained a much larger market share than TOC; cost accounting as a blockage; "subordination" as the most difficult element of TOC; lessons from comparing TOC in Manufacturing and TOC in Projects; key problem #1 How to identify constraints; key problem #2 What is the best constraint for an organization or the problems with TOC's 5 focusing steps.



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