Webinar Aerosud - A Theory Of Constraints pearl in South Africa

Webinar 10th of June 2020 : Aerosud, a South African pearl of Theory Of Constraints 


Johan Steyn, Managing Director, Andre Tustin Supply Chain Synchronization & Continuous Improvement, and Jeff Esterhuizen, Operations System Manager, retrace the Theory of Constraints journey of Aerosud, an aeronautical equipment supplier (OEM) based in South Africa which supplies Boeing , Airbus…

Find out how they established their objective, built their roadmap to achieve it and the operational results obtained thanks to TOC.

Following the Covid-19 crisis, their response was to launch and co-lead a South African initiative aimed at rapidly developing the products the country needs to cope with the pandemic. Today, they have redefined and repositioned themselves to continue to prosper in this new context.




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