Reduce the duration of investment projects of a pharmaceutical company


One on two investment projects of the company, specializing in the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, ends late. Based on this observation, the company asked Marris Consulting in January 2019 to implement the Critical Chain Project Management method. It was decided to set up the method on two pilot projects:

  • An investment project for the installation of a new packaging line requiring a production shutdown estimated at 6 months

  • A series of improvement projects for all lines requiring production stoppages estimated at 3 weeks per line


The objectives of this Critical Chain application are:    

  • Successfully implementing the Critical Chain    
  • Reduce the time taken to complete projects in general    
  • Reduce the duration of production stoppages to ensure site productivity    
  • Respect the projects due dates

The approach led by Marris Consulting was:    

  • CCPM training and training in CCPM planning software chosen by key site stakeholders (30 people)
  • Establishment of the Critical Chain on the two pilot projects chosen    
  • Implementation of management by the Critical Chain with the Fever Chart indicator for each of the production stoppages    
  • Analysis of the consumption of project buffers (Pareto of buffer consumption), for the implementation of corrective actions.    
  • Identification of 3 Critical Chain referents serving as internal consultants to deploy the method
  • Deployment of the method on the rest of the priority projects



  • Reduction in the duration of production outages for the 6 improved lines by 24% on average     

  • 100% of these projects completed on time or in advance

  • Monitoring of each project individually with the Fever Chart

  • Reduction of the investment project from 6 to 5 months of production stoppage, i.e. a reduction of almost 17%


Mission Chaine Critique industrie pharmaceutique



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