An agrifood industrialist wishing to optimize its commercial investments, reduce its customers losses and improve its performance in business prospecting



After a 6-week diagnosis, the implementation at national level consists in 5 improvement projects :

  • Sales development (practices, tools and methods)
  • Tariff policy
  • Optimization of investments
  • Organization of sales front
  • Service offering and customer loyalty


Results / Deliverables

  • Establishement of professional telesales platforms in support of sales force
  • Redesign of commercial portfolios regarding geographic zones and customer segmentation (adaptation of visits frequency)
  • Development of techniques (prospecting, saturation control, ...) and sales tools (implementation of a CRM, customer loyalty system, ...)
  • Re-organization, specialization of activities (man product, new customer acquisition manager, ...) and skills development
  • Creation of a national tariff system complying with the law, with discounts in order to increase the size of orders
  • Setting up a service offering tailored to each customer level
  • Creation of a monthly animation plan of sales forces




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