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38th TOCPA conferences and Master Class - Paris, March 2018

From 2012 to 2018 the Theory Of Constraints Practitioners Alliance (TOCPA) organized successful TOC conferences all over the world. Over 35 conferences in Japan, Russia, India, China, Italy, South Africa, Colombia, Lithuania, UK, Brazil, Ukraine, USA, Israel, Finland … See further details on the website website. TOCPA teamed up with Marris Consulting to organize the first edition of its conference in Paris, France.

This 38th edition, was a great success: 2 days of conferences, enthralling discussions and more than 13 nationalities represented. The event provided a great opportunity to learn about Theory Of Constraints implementations and TOC+Lean combinations, presented by speakers coming from many different industries and covering many different topics. In addition, there were several presentations by  internationally recognized TOC experts.

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Information and videos of the 2 days of conferences available below

Conferences on 28th of March 2018

Christine jauffret

Boosting rocket production using the Theory of Constraints

  • Manufacturer of the first stage of the Ariane 5 rocket.

  • How they increased throughput and productivity by over 30% in less than 6 weeks using the Theory of Constraints.

Christine Jauffret, General Manager, EuroCryospace.

More information and video of the conference

Oded Cohen

What is TOC?

  • Oded Cohen worked directly with Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt all over the world.

  • Oded has over 35 years of experience in developing, teaching and implementing TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes. 

Oded Cohen, Co-President, TOCPA, and inernational director of TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd.

More Information and video of the conference


Critical Chain overview

  • Philip Marris completes the presentation of Oded Cohen by presenting one of the components of the Theory of Constraints, the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Philip Marris, CEO, Marris Consulting.

More informations and video of the presentation 

Guillaume Brethenoux

How to transform a factory using Theory of Constraints

  • A 400-people Safran Electronics & Defense factory

  • Reduction in lead times and work in progress by over 80% using TOC and Lean Manufacturing tools.

Ludovic Hagneré, Production Manager & Guillaume Brethenoux, Maintenance Manager
Safran Electronics & Defense.

More Information

Ludovic Hagnere

Johan Steyn

Focus: “We run our company the TOC Way”

  • Aerosud is a South African aeronautical equipment manufacturer who has officially built its management system on the Theory of Constraints’ principles.

  • Transformation of their Supply Chain (TOC for distribution)

  • TOC in production (S-DBR)

  • New product development (CCPM). 

Johan Steyn, Managing Director, Aerosud.

More Information and video of the conference


Using TOC to improve capital and construction projects

  • How and why combine Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) to manage capital CAPEX and construction projects.

  • Plan and execute your projects so that they finish on time in less time, on-budget at lower cost and without compromise.

Ian Heptinstall, Independent Consultant. Ian Heptinstall & Robert Bolton published the book: "The executive guide to Breakthrough Project Management".

More Information and video of the conference


Software development consistently within Time, Scope and Budget…. Is that possible? On-time delivery at 90 %

  • Accelerate software product development by combining the techniques of Agile, Kanban and Critical Chain Project Management: the implementation of Agile CCPM at ORTEC. Lead Time reduced by 40%, On-time delivery increased from 30% to 90% (Use of Lynx TameFlow Sotware, provided by A-Dato).

  • ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions, with facilities in over a dozen countries and serving some of the best known companies in the world, like Coca Cola, Shell and Walmart. 

Edwin Woltering, Manager Software, ORTEC 
Gijs Andrea, Consultant, CEO,  International House of TOC
Ad Vermeulen, creator of the LYNX TameFlow software for Agile CCPM and the integration with the JIRA platform, Director, A-Dato

More Information and video of the conference


Conferences on 29th of March 2018


Oded Cohen

Making Change Happen using TOC’s Thinking Processes

  • Theory of Constraints has an impressive portfolio of logical tools that cover every aspect of change implementation, from detecting, verbalizing and analysing a problem to developing a solution, to assessing and trimming risks, to overcoming reservations and removing obstacles, as well as to structuring the change implementation into clearly justified, manageable and auditable actions.

  • The speaker is the author of 4 books on the TOC Thinking Processes.

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen, Co-President, TOCPA, and international director of TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd.

More Information and video of the conference

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Procter & Gamble: my 25 year TOC journey in a global organization

  • One of the largest FMCG companies in the world with over $60 billion in worldwide sales.

  • TOC implementations covering production, projects, the supply chain and the Thinking Processes. 

Planning Innovative Solutions Program Manager, Procter & Gamble.


The growing pertinence of the Theory of Constraints combined with Good Lean

  • Because the world is changing faster and faster and yet the time it takes to install appropriate capacities has hardly shrunk organisations are less and less “balanced”. Hence TOC. Toyota’s Lean has become the norm way beyond its birthplace. This “Good Lean” should be everywhere and is perfectly compatible with the Theory of Constraints.

  • The speaker has been implementing the Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing in industry for over 30 years in over 200 companies throughout the world.

Philip Marris, CEO, Marris Consulting.

More Information

Spyros Bonatsos

Using the Theory of Constraints to triple sales and production in the dairy food and drink industry

  • The transformation of the production and the supply chain of milk, yogurt and cheese using TOC solutions in production and distribution and the Logical Thinking Processes.

  • The journey that led to a tripling in sales to become the largest producer of halloumi in the world.

Spyros Bonatsos, Operations and Export Manager, Charalambides Christis Ltd., Cyprus.

More Information and video of the conference

Fernando Bertrand

Fixing airplanes twice as fast with CCPM

  • Critical Chain Project Management to manage an aeronautical MRO business (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul).

  • Dividing the Turn Around time by 2 and significantly increasing the mechanics’ productivity.

  • This facility, based in France, services Embraer’s business jet fleet for Europe Middle East & Africa.

Fernando Bertrand, Planning Manager, Embraer Executive Jets Services

More Information and video of the conference

Sanjeev Gupta

Lessons learnt from over 400 Critical Chain implementations

  • Realization’s software Concerto is one of the major Critical Chain Project Management software solutions. Launched in 1999 it has been implemented hundreds of times throughout the world.

  • The results to be expected.

  • The critical success factors to ensure success.

Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, Realization Technologies.

More Information and video of the conference

Video - Results using Theory Of Constraints

Master Class - 30th of March, 2018

Cover book - Good Strategy & Tactics Tree - Jelena Fedurko

"Building Company Strategy and Tactics for breakthrough results" ,
a Master Class by Jelena Ferduko-Cohen and Oded Cohen

Detailed description



Program of the TOCPA Paris March 2018 event

  • Conferences TOCPA on 28th and 29th of  March 2018, La Maison de la Recherche, Paris, France

  •  Master Class on 30th of March 2018, Tour Maine Montparnasse, Paris, France

 Program - PDF version 

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Marris Consulting is an industry consulting and training company specialized in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Critical Chain Project Management. We focus on improving the performance of manufacturing and process industries by using Constraints Management combined with Lean and Six Sigma. To boost project performance, we also use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which we sometimes combine with Lean Engineering. Our 2-day performance audits, our performance consulting services and our project management, Lean, ToC & CCPM training by our industry consultants offer a wide range of solutions to help our clients around the world reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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