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36th TOCPA International Conference and Master Class about Theory of Constraints and Lean by Philip Marris

TOCPA Philip Marris Bottlenecks

TOCPA Guangzhou, 16th-19th of November 2017


Keynote conference: "How to find bottlenecks in production and projects"

Master Class: "Theory Of Constraints and Lean, a win-win combination" 

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Chinese Goldratt Alliance

Keynote speech: "How to find bottlenecks in production and projects"


Good news! You are probably wrong about where your capacity constraints are. We have observed a new situation that has emerged over the past 10 years. In today’s factories or R&D departments, 8 times out of 10, the capacity constraint is in the wrong place. Furthermore, to make matters worse, management is wrong about where its constraint really is. So they over-utilize non-bottleneck resources thereby increasing WIP and lead times and they underexploit the bottleneck because they have not recognized its existence which results in limited throughput. We describe what has led to the development of this situation. This state of affairs can be viewed as regrettable...or as an extraordinary opportunity for 8 companies out of 10.

It means that the majority of organizations can transform their performance very easily, very quickly in both their production and their new product development. All they have to do is properly implement the Theory Of Constraints. Several recent cases were presented and an attempt was made to identify the common root causes of this situation.

Chinese extract of the conference          English extract of the conference

La Master Class: "Theory Of Constraints and Lean, a win-win combination"


Combining Theory of Constraints and Lean leads to great results.

Philip Marris explains how using TOC + Lean has a direct impact on the results of an organisation based on several Marris Consulting case studies. Theory of Constraints enable to identify the organisation constraint or bottleneck while Lean enables to improve the performance of the constraint.

By staying focused your Lean initiatives are more impactful.

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