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Présentation en anglais : Management de Projet par la Chaîne Critique

PMI luxembourg chapter

  • Conférence PMI du 21 Octobre, Luxembourg chapter.

  • Lieu de la conférence :
    Microsoft, 23-29, Rives de Clausen, District de Luxembourg, 2165, Luxembourg

  • Présentation par Philip Marris

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La conférence de Philip Marris

Most projects managed traditionally with the Critical Path Method or the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) suffer from time and budget overruns and often original specifications have to be abandoned. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) has shown for more than 15 years that performances can be significantly improved by applying this new approach.

  • The Critical Chain is defined by the longest chain of dependencies between tasks, taking into account critical resources conflicts. But the “Critical Chain Way” is much more than this limited definition.
  • CCPM can be used both for individual projects large or small or portfolios of projects.
  • A different technique for estimating task durations is used (average/aggressive plus pessimistic).
  • The project is protected from uncertainty and problems thanks to a project buffer (safeties are removed from individual tasks).
  • Feeding buffers are inserted to protect the Critical Chain from delays on non-critical tasks.
  • The “Fever Chart” is used to manage execution. It provides real time identification of task priorities.
  • Multitasking, which is considered one of the main killers of performance, is minimized.
  • The "Student syndrome" (to postpone until the last moment working on a task) is addressed.
  • Etc.

This approach first appeared at the end of the 90s. Today it is used quite extensively throughout the world. Over 500 companies have implemented it including: Mazda, Siemens, Embraer, Procter & Gamble, Louis Vuitton, Safran, Boeing, Lilly and the United States armed forces. Critical Chain Project Management allows projects to be finished on time, within budget and without compromises on original specifications. Moreover, CCPM has shown that: it reduces project durations by over 40%; increases resource productivity and significantly improves the working environment.

Philip Marris

Philip Marris, est le fondateur et directeur de Marris Consulting. A conçu et exécuté plus de 250 projets de transformation basés sur l'application de la TOC.


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Marris Consulting est une société de conseil et de formation spécialisée dans la théorie des contraintes (ToC) et le management de projet de la chaîne critique. Nous nous concentrons sur l'amélioration des performances des industries de production et de process en utilisant le management par les contraintes associé au Lean et Six Sigma. Pour booster la performance des projets, nous utilisons également le management de projet par la Chaîne Critique (CCPM), que nous combinons parfois avec le Lean Engineering. Nos diagnostics de performance sur 2 jours, nos services de conseil en performance et nos formations en management de projet, Lean & ToC par nos consultants offrent une large gamme de solutions pour aider nos clients dans le monde entier à atteindre les niveaux de performance les plus élevés possibles.




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