Conférence "Breakthrough Project Management in Capital and Construction Projects" - Lundi 17 Octobre 2016

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What would the impact be if your capex projects finished in two-thirds of the normal duration?

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  • Lundi 17 octobre, dans les locaux de Marris Consulting, Paris
  • Presenté par Ian Heptinstall, co-fondateur de Breakthrough Project Management.
  • Accueil: 18h15. Conférence: 18h45.
  • Conférence 45 mins suivi d'une séance de questions - réponses et d'un cocktail.

La conférence (en anglais)

Ian Heptinstall and Robert Bolton have just published (in August 2016) The Executive Guide to Breakthrough Project Management. The book outlines an innovative approach to managing capital and construction (Capex) projects, which delivers significant and sustainable benefits to both project clients and the project supply chain. Ian Heptinstall will present the book and answer questions. Participants will receive an autographed copy of their book.

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There are three elements to their approach.

Collaborative teams work much better than those where team members have few common interests.  The common approaches to project management and procurement used on capex projects do not enable such an environment, and so, in order to establish a highly-collaborative project team, made up of the main contractors/suppliers and the client…


 Ian Heptinstall and Robert Bolton propose a form of contract known as a Project Alliance.  This aligns the commercial interests of the key members of the project team.  The team is selected much earlier than is usually the case, uses competence and capability more than bid-price to make the selection.  Risks and uncertainty are managed by the team as a whole, and the supply members’ financial reward is linked to the overall success of the project – not just their component.

 This project team uses a method of planning and controlling project execution called CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management). CCPM is the driver for significantly reducing the project duration, reducing the cost of the project, and reducing a range of common project risks.  It is a relatively recent innovation in project management, and the authors believe that its use in capex projects has been limited because of the lack of a collaborative approach to contracts.  Contracting using a Project Alliance makes it much easier for the project team to use CCPM, which is the engine for the significant improvements that the authors believe are possible.

Their book, describes each of these elements, how they work, and how they help the project to overcome the issues that most projects encounter. Whilst each element could be applied by itself, it is the combination that delivers the guaranteed step-change improvement that Breakthrough Project Management can bring.

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Pour plus de détails sur Breakthrough Project Management regarder leur site internet ici.

Pour plus de détails sur leur livre cliquer ici.

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