"The Role of the Theory of Constraints in a Complex World" - Conference par Bill Dettmer

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"The Role of the Theory of Constraints in a Complex World" - Conference par Bill Dettmer à Paris le 18 juin 2015 - En anglais

The advantages and limitations of TOC in an uncertain world: economic/commercial, political, psychosocial

Couverture du livre Strategic Navigation de Bill Dettmer

Jeudi 18 juin 2015, 18h à 20h30

Marris Consulting,Tour Montparnasse, Paris 15ème.

La conférence est en anglais

Bill Dettmer, renowned TOC expert and author of 6 best selling Theory Of Constraints books including : Strategic Navigation; Goldratt's Theory Of Constraints, The Logical Thinking process; Manufacturing at Warp Speed (with Eli Schragenheim) and Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance, will provide an exclusive preview of the new edition of his book Strategic Navigation that he is currently finalizing and should be published soon. In this book he will describe how he considers the systems thinking ideas of Senge, Ackoff, Cilliers, Boyd, snowden & al. can be combines with the Theory Of Constraints' Thinking Process. In doing this he considers that it provides a true navigation guide rather than just a planning guide; not only how to create a good strategy, but also how to execute the voyage. This conference is therefore a rare event to gain insights into the latest thinking concerning strategic planning and execution by a reputed world expert.


A propos de l'intervenant : BILL DETTMER

H. WILLIAM DETTMER, Senior Partner, at Goal Systems International. Bill Dettmer has applied the Strategic Navigation and thinking process in both manufacturing and services with Fortune 500 and other companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations around the world. Partial client list includes The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (USA), Boeing, Bosch, Bayer, Deloitte&Touche (USA), U.S. Air Force Software Technology Center, Seagate Technology, Lucent Technologies (both in Europe and the USA), Siemens Medical (Germany), Siemens Energy Generation (USA).

Twenty-three years' experience in logistics, strategic planning, operational planning, training, large-scale systems deployment, and contracting. Direct responsibility for project management, logistics planning, gouvernement contracting, system design, financial management, productivity improvement, idea generation, team building, strategic planning, and customer-supplier relations.

Bill Dettmer's book:  Strategic Navigation (ASQ Quality Press, 2003); The Logical Thinking Process (ASQ Quality Press, 2007), Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance (ASQ Quality Press, 1998),  Strategy, Chapter 19 of Theory of Constraints Handbook (McGraw-Hill 2010); Brainpower Networking Using the Crawford Slip Method (Trafford Publishing, 2003). Co-author (with Eli Schragenheim) of Manufacturing at Warp Speed (CRC St. Lucie Press, 2000)

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Cette conférence est organisée par l'Association TOC France dont Philip Marris est un des membres fondateur

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