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"Le Management par les Contraintes" (Constraints Management) by Philip Marris

Since its emergence 35 years ago the Theory of Constraints has proven its effectiveness. Thousands of implementations have been described with excellent results.

The success of the business novel "The Goal", written by Eliyahu Goldratt and which has popularized these ideas since 1984  also bears out the extent of the movement given that over 7 million copies have been sold in 30 languages.

In french-speaking countries this book has been relayed by textbook "Le Management par les Contraintes" which describes in detail how to apply ToC in production. You will find here some extracts of this book and an insight into the new edition which will be published soon.

Philip Marris, author of Management Par les Contraintes en gestion industrielle

Books written by Christian Hohmann

Christian Hohmann, consultant, author and blogger is a well-known Lean expert.

Click on the cover of the books to get more details.

Couverture du livre Lean Management de Hohmann

Couverture du livre Qualité - Supply Chain de Hohmann

Couverture du livre Guide pratique des 5S de Hohmann

Couverture du livre Techniques de productivité de Hohmann

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