Marris Consulting, a company focused on improving sustainably
the performance of manufacturing and process industries

We have over 25 years of experience of combining the Theory Of Constraints (TOC) with Lean to go faster and further: 1 + 1 = 3

We help our clients reach and maintain ambitious levels of performance by combining actions on processes, organization, methodologies, tools … and people from the shop floor to the board room.

We are recognized experts in Constraints Management. We promote an integrated approach that combines Theory Of Constraints (TOC) to identify where to act and Lean and Six Sigma to improve performance.

We also use TOC's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) approach to boost project performance especially for New Product Development portfolios. We sometimes combine this with Lean Engineering (a.k.a Toyota New Product Development System).

Nouveaux locaux

Critical Chain Project Management training in French - 02 october 2014

Do you dare finish your projects on time, within budget and with full initial scope!

To understand how the project component of the Theory Of Constraints can transform your project design and execution (New Product Development, Engineering, Construction ...). -40% project duration reductions, +50% increase in productivity ...

Presented by Philip Marris and Eric Robin CCPM expert.

Details and registration : Critical Chain Training in French (Fr)

TOC + Lean - 2 day workshop in French - Paris 15 & 16 october 2014

Using the Theory Of Constraints to boost your Lean program and generate growth

To better understand how Constraints Management can greatly improve your operational and financial performance and how to integrate this approach into a Lean program. This is the 5th repeat session of this popular event. It will be presented by Philip Marris a recognized expert of TOC and Lean.

Details and registration: Constraints Management (Fr)

Carrefours Excellence – TOC in Aerospace - 8 et 9 October 2014 - Paris

"Abandon local optimums and aim for global excellence"

Theory Of Constraints at SKF Aerospace - 9 October
2 day conference: 10 presentations with significant results. Presented by: SKF Aerospace, Schneider Electric, E2V, Tarkett, Bernard Controls, Airbus...

To find out more and register: Carrefours Excellence


With our extensive experience of different industrial sectors and our expertise in change management we assist companies in all their departments especially: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, R&D and Industrialization, Marketing & Sales …

Project Focus

A Lean + TOC (Theory Of Constraints) mission

Discover how Marris Consulting helped a Mexican automotive equipment supplier factory. Results: increased productivity by over 20% and Premium Freight costs reduced by a factor of 10.


Tools Focus


A presentation of the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis methodology that facilitates the identification of the causes and their importance  for both products and processes.


Book recommendation

"Be Fast ou Be Gone"  by Andreas Scherer.
This business novel explains how to implement Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM - the project component of the Theory Of Constraints) and the results that can be obtained.

Favorite Video

A Theory Of Constraints injection
An 8 minute video describing a Marris Consulting assignment in which the Theory Of Constraints was injected into a very Lean company.
Results: 15% productivity in 15 minutes.


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