Marris Consulting, a company focused on improving sustainably
the performance of manufacturing and process industries

We have over 25 years of experience of combining the Theory Of Constraints (TOC) with Lean to go faster and further: 1 + 1 = 3

We help our clients reach and maintain ambitious levels of performance by combining actions on processes, organization, methodologies, tools … and people from the shop floor to the board room.

We are recognized experts in Constraints Management. We promote an integrated approach that combines Theory Of Constraints (TOC) to identify where to act and Lean and Six Sigma to improve performance.

We also use TOC's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) approach to boost project performance especially for New Product Development portfolios. We sometimes combine this with Lean Engineering (a.k.a Toyota New Product Development System).

Nouveaux locaux

TOC + Lean workshop in French or English - Paris in 2016

Using the Theory Of Constraints to boost your Lean programme

To better understand how Constraints Management can greatly improve your operational and financial performance and how to integrate this approach into a Lean program. This is the 5th repeat session of this popular event. It will be presented by Philip Marris a recognized expert of TOC and Lean.

Details and registration: Constraints Management

Logical Thinking Process 6-day course by Bill Dettmer

From 1st to 8th june 2016 - Paris

Logical Thinking Process, as the name suggests, uses sound logic and a processe to provide executives with an effective method for designing organizational strategy, planning its deployment, evaluating its effectiveness, and making corrections as needed in the shortest possible time. For more informations: Programme

 Check out Bill's invitation to the training

La prochaine session de la formation Lean Management par Christian Hohmann aura lieu le jeudi 16 juin 2016!


Comprendre comment faire de vos projets de transformation Lean un réel succès. Comprendre quelles qualités doit avoir un Lean Manager et quels sont les outils dont il dispose.

Détails et inscription : Formation Lean Management.

Embraer - Feedback about Critical Chain Project Management implementation

Introduction video

This video in French annonce the next videos to come about CCPM implemantation in Embraer Executive Jet Services

To see the video : Return on experiment Embraer


With our extensive experience of different industrial sectors and our expertise in change management we assist companies in all their departments especially: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, R&D and Industrialization, Marketing & Sales …

To follow us :

Project Focus

A Theory Of Constraints assignement : CCPM in MRO  - Discover how Marris Consulting helped an aircraft manufacturer to divide by two the time of aircraft maintenance. Included the video presentation of the assignement with our client.

Last publication (Fr)

6 indices que vous devriez investir dans le management de vos contraintes 
If you recognize your company case in one of this statements you may consider managing your constraints..

Book recommendation

"Lean MRO "  & "Focus and Leverage" 

Philip Marris presents in this video two books about Theory of Constraints, Critical Chain, and Lean in aeronautical MRO.

Video of the month

(En) Eli Schragenheim : 2 types of constraints in TOC
Eli Schragenheim shares his views about the concept of “constraint” and the notion of 2 types of constraints: those that determine today’s performance and the constraint that determines the performance in the future.


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