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ToC + Lean workshops in Paris

Using Theory of Constraints to boost your Lean programme

Learn how Constraints Management can greatly improve your performance and how to integrate ToC into a Lean programme.

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Embraer - Feedback about Critical Chain Project Management implementation

Embraer testimony in video

In this video our client Embraer presents it's CCPM implementation in Embraer Executive Jet Services

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Logical Thinking Process Training in South Africa

22nd to 29th September 2016

LTP uses sound logic and a processe to provide executives with an effective method for designing organizational strategy, planning its deployment, evaluating ...

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Theory of Constraints in Aerosud Aviation

Interview of Johan Steyn, Aerosud Aviation M.D.

Johan Steyn, Managing Director of South African Aerosud Aviation talks about the progress made by Aerosud using the Theory of Constraints

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Theory of Constraints in Safran Electronics & Defense

(Fr) Interview of Stéphane Vitrac, Plant Manager

He describes how his plant has implemented the Theory of Constraints and the results obtained

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NEW! Marris Consulting website

Our new responsive website adapts to your phone, tablet or PC

Welcome to the Marris Consulting website, a company focused on improving significantly and sustainably the performance of manufacturing and process industries

We have over 25 years of experience of combining the Theory of Constraints (ToC) with Lean to go faster and further: 1 + 1 = 3

We help our clients reach and maintain ambitious levels of performance by combining actions on processes, organization, methodologies, tools … and people from the shop floor to the board room.

We are recognized experts in Constraints Management. We promote an integrated approach that combines Theory of Constraints (ToC) to identify where to act and Lean and Six Sigma to improve performance.

We also use ToC's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) approach to boost project performance especially for New Product Development portfolios. We sometimes combine this with Lean Engineering (a.k.a Toyota New Product and Process Development System).

Our motto: Factories, People & Results.

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